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For the 1st time, Flipboard tends to make its ad inventory obtainable for actual-time shopping for by means of an invite-only Private Marketplace (PMP) enabled by a new strategic alliance with Rubicon Project tufted cocktail ottoman (NYSE: RUBI), operator of one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the planet. This partnership allows current clientele to obtain Flipboard’s valazquez tufted cocktail wealthy mobile ad inventory in an automated style, complementing existing direct relationships. In addition, it tends to make Flipboard’s highly engaged audience available programmatically for the 1st time to premium brands on Rubicon Project’s private exchange.

Rubicon Project’s technology gives advertisers direct access to Flipboard’s highly engaged 90 million monthly active customers through uniquely influential moments: when they are deeply immersed in their Charlton Home passions and receptive to relevant brand messaging. Flipboard’s audience is comprised of equal parts Millennials, Gen-X and Infant Boomers. They turn to Flipboard as a single location to access curated content from thousands of the world’s major publishers, including Condé Nast, Hearst, CNN, and News Corp, amongst other folks.

The targeting methodologies offered for Flipboard’s premium mobile inventory by way valazquez tufted cocktail of Rubicon Project’s top Guaranteed Orders and Private Marketplace platforms mirror the current techniques brands can reach audiences primarily based on interests. Interest targeting, enriched with audience data, lets brands reach people today Charlton Home based on billions of stories across thousands of publishers that users are reading, sharing, curating, liking, and valazquez tufted cocktail discussing. Flipboard’s PMP supports both automated tufted cocktail ottoman guaranteed and private marketplace transactions.

“Our advertising partners have told us they want valazquez tufted cocktail to be able to obtain our distinctive inventory Charlton Home in both a direct and automated way. We developed our private marketplace to match our premium advertisers’ exclusive demands for a high good quality atmosphere and assistance for impactful mobile ad formats,” said Mike McCue, founder and CEO of Flipboard. “In Rubicon Project we’ve found a genuinely strategic partner with a deep understanding of the mobile marketplace that is capable to assistance guaranteed ad placements on our premium platform and run our custom ad units such as complete screen show and native advertisements.”

“Flipboard has an amazing commitment to collecting and aggregating content from the highest high quality publishers and brands in the planet. We are thrilled that an in-app leader like Flipboard has selected Rubicon Project, with our top mobile marketplace and Guaranteed Orders technology, as its initial automation partner to make its more than 90 tufted cocktail ottoman million monthly readers accessible to programmatic buyers globally,” said Gregory R. Raifman, President of Rubicon Project.

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