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What does Culture Amp Do?

Culture Amp, specializes in staff surveying and analytics. It makes a employees survey toll and analytics execute and describes its mission as creating Union Rustic perform a better place. This low profile standard employee survey startup was founded swett low profile as a outcome of its members experiences with the challenge that organization face when their organization expands more quickly than its people today can adapt.

The buyers of this startup consist of several profile standard bed high profile Silicon Valley firms such as Uber, Airbnb, Adobe, Pinterest and Pandora. Its consumers also incorporate these from the retail, monetary services and media industries.

How a great deal Culture Amp Funded?

The employee survey startup, Culture Amp has raised a $six.three Millions in Series A low profile standard funding from the investors Blackbird ventures, Index Ventures and Felicis Ventures.

What is subsequent for Culture Amp?

Culture Amp will use the new funds raised in Series A to accelerate its expansion in Union Rustic the employees survey platform which delivers real time information swett low profile and insights into the profile standard bed firm culture through  particular and customizable surveys. As a part of the investment, Wesley Chan, the managing director of Felicis Ventures and founder of Google Analytics, will join the board of Culture Amp.

Aydin Senkut, the founder and managing director of Culture Amp stated that, to date Culture Amp has only grown by means of low profile standard word of mouth, but with the new funding it is going to accelerate the development of technology and expand its advertising and sales efforts to continue to give a great platform for the firm culture and persons analytics.

More about Culture Amp

Culture Amp was found in 2011 by Jon Williams, Rod Hamilton, Douglas English and Didier Elzinga. Its headquarters is based in Melbourne. This startup is profile standard bed a quickly increasing with customers from Union Rustic Melboune, San Francisco and Boston.

Culture Amp is a culture first software program company which is creating the world’s major survey platform for persons and culture. The startup’s purpose is to assist ten,000+ organizations.


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