Shelburne Platform Configurable Bedroom Set Brayden Studio

What does Locomotive Labs Do?

Locomotive Labs styles and develop assistive and play based apps for children with specific desires to empower them to be independent learners. They style games and the team members of the Locomotive Labs spent most of their professional lives functioning on the well known multiplayer on line games. But when the team members became parents, their professional motivation changed. Inspired by the kids with specific desires and therapists and educators who enable these children, the group members have decided to dedicate their talent for designing accessible games and app and help little ones discover independently.

How Significantly Locomotive Labs shelburne platform Funded?

The Locomotive Labs, which develops assistive and play primarily based apps for young children with special needs had announced that it closed a configurable bedroom set $4M in Series A funding on February 24th, 2015 from the investors K9 Ventures, Kapor Capital, Joe Gleberman, Jerry Colonna, NewSchools Venture funds.

Prior Funding

  • $565K/ Venture on September 17th, 2013 from investors Kapor Capital, K9 Ventures and NewSchools Venture Fund.

What is subsequent for Locomotive Labs?

Locomotive Labs is to use this $4 M fund to expand its customer presence in Asia utilizing its deep connections with lead investors. Also, Locomotive Labs will focus on rising its presence in the USA education industry. Locomotive Lab’s Todo Math app and Teacher Dashboard is currently becoming made use of in far more than 1,000 elementary classrooms, with 25,000 students in prekindergarten to twond grade across USA and about the globe.

Sooinn Lee, founder of Locomotive Labs mentioned that the mission of Locomotive labs is to get rid of the obstacles which frustrate the tiny little ones and empower them to develop confidence and math abilities to be prosperous each inside and outdoors the classroom.

Extra about Locomotive Labs

Locomotive Labs was found in July 2012 by two shelburne platform parents Gunho Lee and Sooinn Lee, who have been committed to the mission of assistive, play primarily based app to support kids with specific demands to be independent learners. Sooinn was a Brayden Studio former game designer and he saw a significant need to have to merge mastering with play when she came to the US and discovered there is no educational app to help the young learners. He made the Todo Math app, which was chosen as the ideal configurable bedroom set in design and topped the Apple App Shop education chart in 20 nations like UK and US.

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