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What does Shuddle do?

Shuddle is a transportation service now available only in San Orren Ellis Francisco, aiming the busy parents who require to take care of their children during the ride over the city, what ever the drive may well be i.e from house to college, from instruction to tennis or anywhere with secure and secure drive.

Why do we will need Shuddle?

Currently parents are quite busy with their works, having no time to take care of their kids traveling. Shuddle is the service provider for transportation, with the drivers lissowski tv stand who are appointed only if they clear with the shuddle screening tests, which consist of face to face interviews, checking their criminal background, vehicle inspection also who have friendly lissowski tv stand experience in dealing with youngsters.

How to schedule ride:

Applying the shuddle application you can schedule the ride before a day, you will get the total information about the driver, and passenger ought to be prepared at least five minutes prior Orren Ellis to the arrival of the driver. Following beginning from the stay, parents get a text message that the journey has been began at a certain place. Parents can even track their journey till they reach the location.

Extra about Shuddle:           

You can set up your transport in advance for tomorrow or to a week by setting up the time and also the place with the App. Parents can have a direct get in touch with with the drive, provided driver’s image, his name, bio-data, also car info, if when your ride is confirmed. Parents can track their youngster journey from the starting point to the destination via the Shuddle Application.

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