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What does Superstarred company Do?

Superstarred.com = YouTube + Got Talent

Superstarred  hosts singing contests and other competitions ruled by the online crowd. Not only does the audience vote on Superstarred – with the potential to win prizes for voting – but contestants are rewarded for interacting with people – by answering questions and performing requests.

Why do we have to have Superstarred?

It has always been a struggle for fans to connect with stars. With one particular way piece bedroom set communication channels (Television, radio), it was not possible to ask dicha queen inquiries. Now everybody can ask on YouTube but barely anybody gets a reply. At Superstarred, extra than 70% of the questions get answered mainly because contestants acquire bonus points for replying.

Who is Superstarred for?

Humanity’s simple instinct is to be entertained, that is why people today are watching talent contests on Television. Online users however have new demands towards the entertainment business. They want to get in touch with the ones they admire. Folks Astoria Grand are currently dicha queen listening to song covers, mashups on-line but they have practically no opportunity to contact the performers.

What tends to make Superstarred stand out from Others?

At Superstarred, much more than 70% of the concerns get answered because contestants acquire bonus points Astoria Grand for dicha queen replying.

Compared to our rivals, we lower the entry barrier by eliminating video uploading, we use Astoria Grand embedding instead. This way, we raise traffic on contestants’ channels and save tons of hosting space at the same time.

Superstarred is a talent show for today’s desires. Web-primarily based contests allow agile development, trendy payment methods, rapidly changing content, and a worldwide scale.

What’s Next?

Superstarred has the potential to evolve into a talent management powerhouse in the subsequent 5 years.

Our aim is to reach performers with 12 million followers combined per month.

We want to attain sponsored prizes with 8,000 EUR value per month.

We want to obtain 150,000 registered customers in 12 months.

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